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Some of My #Punk #Hardcore #Metal #Records , #Vinyl , #45 #LP etc… You #Collectors might like some of these ;)

By June 5, 2016October 28th, 2018No Comments

I have hundreds of records- everything from Blues, Rock , Reggae, Funk, Fusion, Jazz, but most of my record collection is Punk and old first generation Hardcore. There are a few things you might like in here: Flex Your Head, The Damned, Sugar Hill Gang, Bad Brains, all my signed Black Sabbath albums…
I bought all the Punk and Hardcore when it came out.

Hmmmm, let’s see … Motorhead test pressing, first Clash, Sid sings “My Way”

Yes there are a few good things in here lol 😉

Just a few of my singles… you should see them all

 I always wanted a jukebox in my house.

This was the first album I ever bought with my own money.

I lost a lot over the years, but I still have a insane collection. If you like this post, I might post some more of my collection; this is just a small part of it. Sadly many things were stolen over the years, damaged in floods etc. But I still have most of the collection which is pretty amazing after all these years.