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Its been 4 years since one of if not the most publicized events in my life; WEBSTER HALL- the CBGB FEST, when I made the news world-wide.

I was on every major channel and in all the papers.

You all remember that incident right? My old singer John “Bloodclot” set me up. I got jumped by a bunch of his gang member buddies at a so called “Cro-Mags” show, I was persecuted by the media and falsely accused of attacking my former band members.  When in fact I was attacked by a room full of people and then arrested and framed.

From Webster Hall I went to the hospital to get stitches in my leg to close up a stab wound from the incident, then to the precinct, then the tombs, then to the judge and finally to Rikers; all in about 48 sleepless hours.

At least I took three of the cowards to the hospital with me.

I  remember sitting in a cell at Riker’s, reading all kinds of lies about me in the papers told by my old friend and singer, and other nameless “witnesses.”

It was surreal. Almost as surreal as it is looking back now.

I almost lost everything, my freedom, my kids so many of my “friends”.

But after all of that, I am in a much better place then I ever was before it happened.  I saw who had my back and who didn’t. I  cut all the bullshit people and fake friends out of my life and rebuilt my life with a strong and solid foundation. I am happy, I am married to an amazing woman who is successful in life and business, I had a new record come out this year. I have a book coming out this September which has been endorsed by Anthony Bourdain. I teach at the greatest place in NYC; the Renzo Gracie Academy.

I really love my life.

Boy things can turn around. Going through all of that, and then getting to where I am, I know the best is yet to come.

Harley Flanagan Stabbing

 Webster Hall on July 6th 2012

Harley Flanagan Arrested

The next morning when this picture was taken the sun had just come up, and I was bing escorted to the tombs, then the judge and then to Riker’s Island.

Harley Flanagan Freed

 Freed! All charges dropped.


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